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Smart Home Installation

Home Automation

Professionally Installed Smart Home Equipment

With the ongoing updates to smart home technology, full home automation is one of the most popular home improvement projects requested by our clients. In fact, once you transform your house into a smart home, you'll wonder how you ever got by without the time and energy saving benefits as well as the peace of mind that comes with the improved safety of your home.

Advanced home automation is not a typical DIY project. Caribbean Electrical is fully licensed and insured to install your smart home system as well as train you to get the most from your new hardware. We also have the specialized equipment needed to maintain and repair your system, no matter the location.

Smart Home Installation

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Can You Install Your Home Automation System?

Many homeowners who have technical abilities and some DIY experience assume that installing a home automation system is fairly straightforward. The problem with that thinking is that a smart home installation involves multiple devices, collaboration among these devices, and plenty of frustration. Making your home simple to manage is an extremely complex task.

Smart home installation is best completed by professionals. The Caribbean Electrical team has the technical knowledge and experience to create a home that just feels smart and one that can be controlled by any family member.

What to Look for in an Automated Home Installation Company

Not every home automation installation company is the same. Here are some tips to remember when you are searching for the right electrical company to do your job:

  • Take time to discuss your smart home goals. Installers will need to know about your wireless network and what features you desire.
  • Check with your installation company to ensure they are adequately insured and licensed as required.
  • Ask about whether or not the company has worked on home automation projects that were similar to yours.
  • Make sure the company can adapt to whatever wiring is necessary to your particular home.
  • Discuss the cost with your electrical installation company to make sure you are both on the same page.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Automation

How long will installation take?

The time needed to install home automation depends on how many features desired. We will take our time during installation to ensure you and your family get everything you expect from your smart home installation.

Will I understand how to control my home automation dashboard?

Our experienced technicians will instruct you and whichever family members are present in the management, controls, usage, and interaction with your new system before we leave your premises.

What happens if something breaks or damages occur during the installation?

At Caribbean Electrical, our entire team works professionally and with integrity. If an accident occurs, be advised that our staff is licensed and insured and will provide you and your family our expertise in the best possible manner.

What type of smart home brands does Caribbean Electrical use when installing our system?

We have found the Lutron brand to be well-made and easy to install. But, we are capable of connecting any brand a customer prefers. We sell the hardware only to our clients.

Do you install motorized blinds?

We provide power for motorized blinds, but we do not install them. However, we are happy to work with our customer's window treatment company.