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Woman Controlling Home From Phone

Your Home on Your Phone

Home automation provides comfort, security, and the convenience of controlling the entire system from your phone. You can know what is happening at home no matter where you are and make changes whenever you'd like.

Caribbean Electrical designs and installs complete home automation systems that are reliable and easy to use. Call (954) 371-5822 to discuss your options.


There's an App for That

Every aspect of your home's automation can be viewed from your phone, making your life easier and more convenient. Caribbean Electrical designs systems that work in harmony, making your smart home feel seemless.


With the use of a simple app, you can control the lights in your home no matter which room you're in. Did you forget to turn off the bedroom light? Want to dim the lights when your movie starts but don't want to get up? Simply open your phone and control the lighting of any room. Plus, with the option of setting a light timer, you can ensure that your home is secure at night, as well as set your bedroom lights to turn on at the same time as your alarm, making getting up and ready to go in the morning simple and easy.

Air Conditioning

When the weather outside takes an unexpected turn, that doesn't mean the temperature of your home has to suffer. With air conditioning control from your phone, you can always see the temperature of the inside of your home, as well as turn the A/C on or off with changes in weather or plans. Though most units have timers that allow you to set specific times for the air or heat to kick on in order for your home to be a comfortable temperature when you get home, sometimes plan change and so should your A/C's schedule. Save energy and money by adjusting your air conditioning from your phone!

Doorbell Camera

When it comes to both safety and, frankly, laziness, sometimes it's easier to check your door without getting up. With front door camera technology, you can see who's ringing your doorbell on your phone, right from your couch. Whether it's someone you may not know and don't want to approach the door for, or a friend who you know is stopping by, you can ensure exactly who's at your door by simply glancing at your phone. Plus, with an automated lock system, you can unlock the door to let them in, all without getting up!


From your oven to your fridge, you can control the appliances of your kitchen from your hand. Preheat the oven without wandering into the kitchen or check the temperature of your fridge to make sure you didn't leave it open, all with a couple of taps from your phone. Even an Instant Pot can be conveniently controlled from your phone, giving you the ability to start dinner without even entering the kitchen! Dinnertime is made easy with the useful apps that can all be set up and controlled with a few taps on your phone.

Pet Camera

Make sure your pets are living their best life by viewing your pet camera at any point of your day. With a few simple taps you can see what they're up to, and some automated pet cameras even allow you to speak to your pets through your phone's microphone, as well as dispense treats for god behavior, all without having to physically be at home. Pets have never felt more loved (or better fed) than when you've got your home pet camera set up to watch, talk, and feed your animals, all from your phone.


Whether it's an Amazon Echo or Sonos speaker, you can turn speakers on and off, as well as control the volume, all from the touch of your phone. You never know when you'll need to turn the volume down in order to take a call, have a sudden impulse to dance while you cook, or hear the favorite part of your song coming up, so having that control without having to make your way over to the speaker is convenient and fun. Be the life of the party with automated home speakers that can be controlled from an app!

Your Home, Only Smarter

Contact us to find out more about the convenience that comes with a home automation system; we'll work with you and design the perfect smart home system to fit your lifestyle.

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