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Electrical Improvements to Commercial Building

Tenant Improvements

Electrical Tenant Improvements in Office Building

Serving the commercial property community is somewhat different from electrical improvements and repairs in private homes. Commercial electrical enhancements for tenants in residential, industrial, government and commercial facilities require the experience and knowledge of a commercial electrician. These types of improvements and projects have deadlines which must be met and extremely stringent timelines. Without the assistance of an electrical team that knows how to navigate these tricky waters, landlords may be taking a risk. Caribbean Electrical has the experience to:

  • Understand Budget Guidelines
  • Meet Rigid Timelines
  • Handle Demolition
  • Translate Occupancy Agreements

Tenant Improvements

Characteristics of an Excellent Commercial Electrical Company

Commercial electricians must often work closely with contractors, interior designers, architects, landlords, and more. Customers expect the electrical company to handle their jobs with as little interruption to workplace activities as possible. Customers also want the job to be done well and in as little time as is feasible. Both property owners and tenants have a stake in the tenant improvements being done, which means the electricians doing the job will be receiving ideas and fielding questions from both. Exceptional commercial electricians have performed similar projects time and time again and know what to expect, how to accomplish each task along the way, and can ensure that the improvements are fulfilled so that every requirement is met.

Electrical tenant improvements can come with unexpected challenges. It's important to choose a commercial electrician who has faced these types of hurdles during his or her career.

Licensing and Other Requirements Necessary

Whenever you hire an electrician, for residential work or commercial, it is essential to ask for the company's credentials. A quality electrical business will have:

  • A state licensed unlimited electrical contractor certification
  • Full coverage insurance
  • A 100% guaranteed work policy
  • A "no subcontractors" clause
  • The ability to obtain all necessary permits
  • The ability to oversee all city inspections
  • Direct coordination with FPL
  • 24-Hour emergency service
  • Experience with all types of equipment, power distribution systems, and wiring

Types of Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical improvements can include, but are not limited to:

  • Dimming system installation
  • Receptacle relocations
  • Office systems wiring
  • New energy efficient lighting installation
  • Added electrical lines and outlets installation
  • Renovation wiring
  • Construction wiring
  • Panel upgrades
  • Parking lot wiring
  • Code violation upgrade
  • Exterior lighting repair
  • Electrical and voltage distribution
  • Emergency power options
  • Fire alarms and emergency systems
  • Safety inspections
  • Panel upgrades
  • Surge protection
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs, and much more

Preparing for the Future

In 2018, if a renovation or improvement is needed for your commercial property, you will want to be a futurist. What we mean by that is while you have a commercial electrician on your property, it's an excellent idea to think ahead.

In our world of smartphones, smart homes, and energy efficiency don't you think you should be adding the most current switches and outlets available? Not only will there be cost savings when you choose a robust modern electrical system, but your professional electrician can also give you the tips and recommendations needed.

Fixing Code Violations

One of the most pressing and critical jobs for electrical improvements for commercial clients is repairing business' code violations. This problem can end with costly damages as well as possible fines. If your code inspection finds there are improvements necessary for your commercial property, call Caribbean Electrical as soon as possible.

If a violation occurs, the results can include:

  • Fires
  • Injuries
  • Property damage
  • Deaths

Your code can be brought to safe working order by a commercial electrical company. Professional electrical companies can assist in maintaining your property's value and protect the safety of your tenants and employees by ensuring that you remain up to code.

In fact, establishing a long-term relationship with a qualified commercial electrician can ensure that your commercial properties always remain safe and well-running. Consider a cost-saving service and repair program with your trusted electrical company team so that you, your tenants, customers, employees, and visitors can rest easy knowing that electrical issues are under control.

How to Add Value through Commercial Tenant Improvements

There are ways an owner can improve his or her property and add value to the site through electrical tenant improvements. Some of the most common examples are:

Improved Lighting

The appearance of a location and costs involved in maintaining it can be seriously enhanced by lighting.  Improvements could include:

  • Upgrading exterior lighting
  • Lighting the landscaping of the property to enhance the aesthetic and to make the exterior safer

Improved Security

Decreased Expenses

  • Upgrading to LED lighting to become more energy efficient
  • Consider adding solar panels and energy-efficient appliances

Building Relationships with Other Companies

Experienced and high-quality commercial electrical company electricians also make connections over years of working for various companies and working with those involved in tenant improvement projects.

It is not unusual for commercial electrical companies' team members to recognize which designers, contractors, businesses, parts houses, and owners are great at their jobs. It is the most talented and industrious who are trustworthy, hard-working, like-minded, and respected, that turn up on the same tenant improvement jobs year after year. And having these people as "partners" is immeasurable.

Developing a Rapport with Customers

In the exact same way, doing an outstanding job, being on time, and taking clients' requests to heart, makes for easily maintained customer relationships. It's no wonder that owners keep asking for Caribbean Electrical for their commercial tenant improvement projects.

Why Hire a Commercial Tenant Improvements Electrician?

Property owners know that when they need help in remodeling their commercial space or assistance in preparing for incoming tenants, a commercial electrician is a necessity.

Landlords will want to be cognizant that the electricians they hire are:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Offering up-front pricing
  • Experienced
  • Highly recommended
  • Able to perform an electrical safety inspection
  • Well-versed in making recommendations about electrical systems

At Caribbean Electrical, we have been giving customers, both commercial and residential, quality electrical expertise in South Florida since 2009. Our customers tell us that we conduct our business with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our projects are completed on time, within budget, and up to code. Contact us to get a no-obligation consultation.