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Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

Most of us take parking lot lighting for granted. We enjoy the fact that our favorite restaurants and retail stores have well-lit parking areas. We're glad that we can see clearly enough to find our keys as we're walking toward our cars. And, we like being able to see what is going on around us for our safety. But the public is probably not aware that businesses and eateries have these lighting grids for more reasons than one. Public areas must have lighting that ensures that customers and employees remain safe.

Parking Lot Lighting

The Importance of Quality Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting Installed

Visitors, employees, and patrons walk and drive in an employers' parking lot during nighttime hours.  Naturally, it is more difficult to see when the sun goes down. When a parking lot or a pedestrian walkway around your business is lit correctly, your customers will have the ability to perceive one another and to avoid accidents and injuries. When lighting is available, individuals can see any objects, surfaces, or other people that might potentially cause tripping, falling, or slipping.

People have reason to fear walking to their vehicles at night. Unfortunately, it has become more and more commonplace to hear of assaults and thefts in spots where lighting is not up to par.

Protection and Security

When the lighting system in a parking lot is installed correctly and well-maintained, the visibility around your place of business is more secure. Lighting alone can be one of the best deterrents for vandals, thieves, or criminals. Your business and your customers will benefit from excellent illumination and may avoid damage or loss to your establishment.

Company Liability

If safe lighting is not installed and maintained, the results may include lawsuits filed by those who are injured and financial losses for your company. The fallout from such an accident is likely to diminish your customer traffic. Even when vehicles are damaged due to insufficient or faulty lighting, your business may be held liable.

Lighting that Suits Your Business

If your enterprise is a restaurant, your parking lot and walking areas will need to have a lighting grid that is relevant to a large number of pedestrians. The parking lot of a small office will need to be configured for maximum security after work hours. A master electrician will know how to place the grid according to its use.

Parking Lot Lighting Configuration

It's always a smart idea to discuss your lighting needs with a commercial electrician. He or she can assist you in areas such as:

  • Intensity of light
  • Uniformity of placement
  • Energy efficiency
  • Expense

A certified electrical company can also help you decide whether your current lighting should be retained, upgraded, or repaired.

LED Lighting

LED Parking Lot Lighting Installed

For energy efficiency and financial savings, LED lighting is the right choice for your business' parking area. LED lights can have life spans of over 100,000 hours and need to be replaced far less often than traditional lighting. These bulbs can also provide more color temperature and intensity. Again, talk to your electrician to gain a better understanding of your lighting needs.

Surge Protection

Where parking lots are concerned, having surge protection is a must. Surge protection devices will take care of spikes in electricity that occur from time to time. Without surge protectors, your parking lot lights could be damaged to the tune of thousands of dollars in damage.

Customer Approval

Many patrons will not choose a particular business or retail establishment if they see that the parking lots are not well-lit. When your parking area is illuminated, customers will feel safe in parking in your lot and entering your establishment. A commercial electrical company is experienced in placing utility poles in a manner that is strategic and angling lighting to ensure that every section of the area is brightly covered. To put it differently, quality lighting can improve business.

Tenant Parking Lots

Anyone who is going through the rental process wants to know that they will have good light in their parking areas. As for apartment landlords, they too understand that the first priority is tenant safety. An apartment complex that has good lighting lets the tenants know that this place is a safe tenant-friendly environment. Some regulations and suggestions that govern the parking lot care and maintenance by landlords include:

  • If lights in parking areas are not replaced within a reasonable time after burning out, landlords can be held liable for any accidents that occur during that time.
  • Lights in a parking lot must allow for recognizing a person at a safe distance.
  • The service of a maintenance and repair company is critical so that continuous checks and testing on the lighting takes place and poles are examined for wear and tear.

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Advanced Parking Lot Lighting
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Caribbean Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been in the business of commercial electrical installation and maintenance since 2009. Our licensed and insured team has the expertise to provide commercial business projects that are completed on time, within budget, and up to code.

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