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Notification When Door Opens or Closes

Smart Home Notifications

Upgrading to a smart home allows you the full benefits of automation; you will save time and energy while having complete control over your home. You can also receive notifications when specific events in your home occur, such as a door opening or a leak being detected. These alerts provide peace of mind and will help you react before a disaster strikes.

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Receive Notifications on Your Smart Device

Receiving notifications from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or is an easy process. Most companies provide smart device applications that provide notification options. Once you have installed the app on your phone and linked it to one or all the devices in your house, you can go about your business and receive notifications when things change.

When a Door Opens

After automating the locks in your house, you can receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet, or work laptop whenever people open your door. The smart lock you install, for instance, on your front door, will have a corresponding app that you can install on your phone. Once the app is set up, you can allow the device to send you alerts whenever someone opens your front door.

You can choose to receive your notifications through text messages, email, or voice notes. If you prefer no distractions, you can set the notifications to specific times or only receive urgent notifications whenever emergencies occur.

When the Temperature Changes

Just as smart locks, smart thermostats can be connected to applications that send push notifications to homeowners. A smart thermostat will regulate the temperature in your house to a safe temperature. For instance, if it gets too hot, your smart thermostat will automatically turn on the a/c. However, what happens if your AC breaks down and cannot cool your house in time?

The thermostat will send notifications to you through your phone app, text messages, or email. These urgent alerts will let you know if the temperature gets dangerously high, and this gives you a chance to call for service as soon as possible.

When Smoke / Carbon Monoxide is Present

Since you cannot see or smell carbon monoxide, having a carbon monoxide detector in your home will help you save a life. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when you have incomplete combustion in your home. Some detectors also combine smoke sensors, allowing you to purchase only one detector.

It is advisable to place the detector near heat-producing appliances. Once carbon monoxide or smoke is in the air, your detector will set off an alarm giving you enough time to evacuate before it gets to a hazardous level.

When a Water Leak is Detected

Walking into a flooded house after a long day is depressing. Aside from the frustration, water damage to your floors, electrical appliances, carpet, or walls is an expensive venture. To prevent such emergencies, getting several leak sensors in your home is the perfect solution. You can up leak sensors near your toilet, bathroom, or kitchen appliances.

Your leak sensor will detect leaks as soon as they start and immediately send notifications to your phone through text or email. When you receive the alert, you can select an action for your smart home to take. You can cut off the water supply to the leaking appliance, or cut off supply to the entire room if need be.

When Someone is at the Door

Linking your front door camera to your smart home app will send an alert whenever you have guests at your door. Applications such as Nest Hello support live video feed from your front door giving you a clear picture of the visitor at the door. If your door has a smart lock on it, you can let the guest in at the comfort of your couch. If you enable Familiar Faces, Google's Nest Hello will tell you exactly who is at the door.

Once you receive the notification, you can enable pre-recorded messages to your guests whenever you are out of the house. A quick response will let your guest know if you are on your way, or if you will take too long to get to your home. Alternatively, you can set up a call with your guest and talk to them directly.

When Motion Detectors are Tripped

Adding motion detectors to your house is a simple way to boost your home security. Having motion detectors in place whenever you leave the house will prevent burglaries or vandalism. Since smart motion detectors are intuitive, you will avoid notifications from usual activities such as pet and traffic movement.

Motion sensors near your doors and windows will alert you when someone breaks your door or window, and indoor detectors will notify you when someone is moving around the house. Once you receive a notification, you can alert your security company to ensure your home stays protected.

Your Home, Only Smarter

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