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Couple Relaxing in a Safe Smart Home

Smart Home Safety

Home automation enhances your house in a myriad of ways; it makes your life easier and gives you the ability to control your home remotely. However we've found that convenience is just one of the perks to having a smart home - the most important advantage provided by automation is the improved safety and security of your home.


Smart Home Installation

Home Automation Safety Features

A smart homes will improve your life by providing an increased sense of safety and security no matter where you are; with full control of your home available from your phone, you can rest easy no matter where you are in the world. Below are some of the most popular features requested by our clients.

Front Door Cameras

Now you'll know who's knocking no matter where you are. Through home automation, you can see and record exactly what's going on at your front door at any given moment. This can:

Provide advance warning if someone who shouldn't be on your property is there. Is there someone who is forbidden to be on your property? Someone that you just don't want to see? Your front door camera can give you advance warning so you can make your decisions accordingly.

Record evidence of package thieves, vandals, and more. Do you have a problem with packages getting stolen in your neighborhood? Thanks to the benefits of home automation, you can easily determine who caused those incidents and provide vital evidence to the police.

Determine who's at the door. Sometimes, you just need to be able to see who's at the front door without getting up to go there. Whether you're nap trapped under a sleeping baby or in the middle of another task, your front door camera makes it easy to see exactly who is ringing the doorbell — and decide for yourself whether you want to get up. You can also use that image of who's at the door to decide whether to remotely unlock the door or even to communicate with them from wherever you are.

Smart Front Door Camera

Door Locking Automation

Have you ever left the house, only to realize hours later that you can't remember if you locked the doors or not? It's even worse if you're headed off on a trip and know that you won't be back for a while.

Thanks to your smart system, you can lock your door from wherever you are, providing peace of mind and making it easier for you to enjoy your time away. Even better, you can also unlock your door as needed: let in house sitters, provide access to a friend who needs a place to stay unexpectedly, or double check to be sure the door is really locked to maintain your peace of mind.

Checking Front Door Lock From Italy

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors give you warning about the presence of hazardous problems within your home. Thanks to home automation, however, those detectors are more than just a loud, shrill alert for people actually in the house. They can also provide you with information about hazards to your home on the go. Imagine:

You can receive a fire notification even if you aren't home. This can enable you to act faster to protect your home and possessions, not to mention checking to be sure all your family members are safe as soon as possible.

Send out notifications to the local fire department. They can send in rescuers to take care of your family and protect your home even if you aren't there — and you won't have to simply hope that the neighbors noticed there was a problem.

Warn family members away from the house if needed. Do you have an asthmatic family member? An elderly family member or a small child who would suffer more from carbon monoxide exposure? When you have smart home security systems, you can access that information and make sure those family members don't enter the house at the wrong moment.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Control Your Home's Schedule

You likely know about the benefits of leaving on a few lights when you're away from home. When your secure home automation system, you don't have to simply leave lights on and hope for the best. By hooking up a few lights to timers, you can control which lights turn on and when, changing up the pattern so that there's nothing for thieves casing the house to recognize. You can also:

Change the temperature, since you won't be there. Keep the house at a comfortable temperature for pets or change it just before your cleaning lady comes in, but increase or decrease the home's temperature to decrease your costs while you're away from home: it's as easy as the press of a button in your app.

Unlock the door from vacation to let in dog walkers, cleaners, and more. There's no need to wait for maintenance just because you're out of town when you can easily let people in and out of the house. You can offer them access to your system through a special lock code or simply unlock the door for them.

Lights on Schedule While on Vacation

Check on the House from Anywhere

When you're on vacation, you may still worry about your home. Whether there have been recent break-ins in the area or you just worry, your home security system makes it easy for you to check in on your home. Use your cameras to directly access specific areas of the home, or check the home's security system to ensure that everything is still working smoothly.

You can even check who has accessed the house and when, allowing you to make sure, for example, that your teens are home on time even if you're running a little late. This strategy also allows you to notify the police as soon as possible if you notice problems with your home.

Checking on House While on a Trip
Smart Home, Get Started

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