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Track Appliance Energy Use

Along with the many other benefits to home automation, the ability to track the energy usage by your appliance stands out. Since your utility bill can represents as much as 2-3% of your annual income, finding ways to make your home more energy efficient can lead to substantial savings. The problem is that many people have no idea how much energy is actually being used to operate their appliances.

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New Ways to Save

Do you know how expensive it is to run your washer and dryer? What about your dishwasher? Do you know how much you are spending every month on heating and cooling? As you embrace home automation, you'll find that tracking your energy usage by appliance can make it easier to save.

Reduce Standby Energy Drains

When you choose smart appliances and connect them to your home's automation system, you can program them to shut down completely when not in use, rather than becoming a source of standby energy drain, also called vampire energy drains. When appliances like your coffee maker and game systems sit in standby mode, they continue to drain power without actually accomplishing much of anything. As a result, you may notice your energy bill creeping up. With smart home technology, on the other hand, you can program those items to automatically shut down when not in use or at a specific time of day.

Program Appliances to Run at Off-Peak Times

In many cities, peak demand for energy occurs as people get home from work and start trying to get their chores done. Many energy companies offer higher energy rates during these peak times, which can leave your energy bill skyrocketing just because you're trying to get all of your chores taken care of. With smart home technology, however, you won't have to run your dishwasher or washer and dryer during peak times. Instead, go ahead and put the items you need cleaned or dried into your appliances in the evening or before you leave for work in the morning. Then, program your appliances to run in the middle of the day, when rates are often less expensive.

Let Your Appliances Run When It's Convenient

During the summer, you may prefer for your washer and dishwasher to run in the evening — or when you aren't home — instead of running during the hottest part of the day. Running your appliances can increase the temperature inside your home, leaving you paying higher premiums to keep cool and comfortable. In the winter, on the other hand, turning those appliances on can help keep your home a little warmer. With smart home technology, you can schedule those appliances to run when it's convenient for you — right before you walk through the door at the end of a long day at work, for example. Coordinate them with your smart thermostat to make the most of that temperature increase.

Get Notifications Directly From Your Appliances

Smart appliances can do more than simply being programmed for your convenience. They can also provide you with important notifications, including:

Just how much energy is your appliance using during those peak times?

If you know that your appliance doesn't use much energy, you might go ahead and turn it on during a time when demand is high, especially if you really need the washer to go ahead and run or the dishwasher to take care of those dishes. On the other hand, if you discover that the appliance's energy usage is high, you may make the decision to wait for a better time to run it.

Is there a problem with the appliance?

Traditional appliances can't tell you when something is wrong with them, from an electrical problem to a more serious mechanical problem. Unfortunately, those problems can cause significant increases in the amount of power the appliance uses to perform its duties. Not only that, if you don't take care of problems when they're small, you may end up with a much larger repair bill down the road. Thanks to smart home technology, however, you can get notifications as soon as the machine detects something wrong. You can then bring someone out to address the problem before it becomes more serious.

Is the machine draining more energy than usual?

Increasing the energy drain on an appliance can be as simple as turning off the "energy save" feature — often without recognizing it — or changing the cycle you're using. On your washer, for example, using a "deep clean" feature may drain much more energy than the standard clean. Recognizing those changes is half the battle to keeping your energy use consistent (and as low as possible). Thanks to smart home technology, you can easily track the energy your appliances use on a regular basis and make changes to help decrease energy usage, rather than increasing it.


Save Time and Money

Smart homes offer more than the ultimate in convenience — they also improve the energy efficiency of your home, which can contribute to substantial savings over time. Caribbean Electrical is a licensed and insured contractor that specializes in smart home installations.

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