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Flood and Security Lighting Installed at Business

Floodlighting and Security Lighting

Keep Your Business Secure

As a Florida business owner, safety and security are likely among your top priorities. With workplace crime costing businesses over $50 million per year, it is becoming increasingly important to invest in flood and security lighting for your business. However, not all lighting providers are created equal, and it is up to you to find a trusted, licensed electrician who can properly evaluate your security lighting needs and provide expert installation.

The Best Security Lighting

Our Mission: To Promote Safety and Security with High-Quality Lighting

Caribbean Electrical's mission is to help you protect your employees and inventory with high-quality, affordable security lights and flood lights. In addition to providing you with the best lighting fixtures for your facility, we offer expert installation services. With just one phone call to us, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that you are building a safe, secure environment for your employees. Here are ten reasons why Caribbean Electrical is South Florida's most trusted resource for security lights and flood lights.

We See Your Lighting Project From Start to Finish

Unlike many lighting providers who only offer fixtures, we provide support to commercial organizations throughout the entire purchasing process. This means providing guidance, technical support, and expertise throughout the following phases of lighting procurement:

  • Initial evaluation of security lighting options
  • Selection of floodlighting and security lighting
  • Procurement of the fixtures that meet your needs and budget
  • Installation of the fixtures inside and outside your property
  • Maintenance and repair of all of your security lighting

Our Security Lights Can Help Reduce Crime

Recent studies show that outdoor LED security lighting can help reduce crime by as much as 39%. Index crimes such as aggravated assault, robbery, and property crimes, can decrease by as much as 7% with security lighting. Security lights and floodlighting also make people feel safer at night, thereby helping your business attract customers before and after dark.

We Handle Projects of all Types and Size

At Caribbean Electrical, we have the resources to handle small projects as well as those that involve multiple facilities. Our expertise in lighting extends well beyond traditional Dusk to Dawn Security to include sophisticated lighting systems that feature advanced timers and motion sensors. In addition to helping you optimize safety, timed security lighting and lights with motion sensors can help you reduce your electric bill. 

Our Lighting Installation Services are Second to None

Virtually any provider can deliver a floodlight or a security light. However, only the most experienced companies are able to properly install security lights to optimize their impact. Our highly trained technicians arrive on time and with the proper tools and equipment required to complete your lighting installation. Most importantly, they know how to avoid some of the common installation errors made by less experienced providers:

  • We help you choose the proper lighting temperature for your facility
  • We make every effort to minimize glare when installing security lighting
  • We ensure that your floodlights and security lights are properly spaced

We Have Bucket Trucks Available for High Installation

Ladders can pose a safety threat to lighting technicians and bystanders, creating a challenge for customers who need lighting installed on tall light poles and multi-story buildings. In contrast to fly-by-night providers who are not equipped to handle lighting installation at extreme heights, Caribbean Electrical uses bucket trucks to install security lighting in high locations.   

Our Technicians Receive Top-Notch Training

Ongoing training is a must in the field of security lighting. Our team is committed to pursuing annual safety training and product training to ensure that you receive the benefits of the latest cutting-edge technology. Additionally, we can help you address code violations if your existing security lighting fails to comply with industry standards. 

We Provide Security Lighting for Many Types of Businesses

Since 2009, Caribbean Electrical has served the lighting needs of South Florida businesses in virtually every industry. From healthcare centers to government facilities, we are accustomed to working with a variety of professionals. Here are just a few of the many types of commercial clients that we serve: 

  • Car dealerships
  • Hospitals and surgery centers
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Retail stores
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Schools and training facilities

We Offer Five-Star Maintenance Service

Many people underestimate the key role that maintenance plays in your security lighting's lifespan. At Caribbean Electrical, we understand that a comprehensive maintenance program can help you extend the life of your floodlights. We are happy to provide an affordable, customized maintenance program for your business.

"Energy savings is just one result of a well-implemented maintenance program...Lighting maintenance should not only be a reactive task - it is important to plan ahead. Limited resources, budgets, and/or manpower make this even more important."

- Jean Sundin, BUILDINGS Education

Your Curb Appeal Will Improve with our Lighting Services

Our skilled lighting specialists will help you choose security lights that meet your specific needs for safety while enhancing your property's curb appeal. For instance, they can position your floodlights to enhance your building's architectural stregnths. The end result is a more inviting appearance that will help you entice new customers to visit your business.

We Will Help Improve Your Bottom Line

By providing your business with energy-efficient lighting and a sound maintenance plan, Caribbean Electrical will help your business enjoy significant cost savings. And by improving visitor safety, you are likely to attract more prospects. Every day, we strive to help our clients conserve cash and energy. We are happy to sit down with you and outline how our security lights and floodlights can help your business prosper.

A Comprehensive Source for all of Your Security Lighting Needs

The path to effective floodlighting and security lighting begins with guidance from an industry expert. For nearly a decade, the emergency lighting specialists with Caribbean Electrical have provided award-winning floodlighting and security lighting to South Florida's business owners. We invite you to contact us for a consultation and to learn why we are Florida's top provider of commercial security lighting. We look forward to hearing from you.